In the rapidly developing trade environment a trade finance facilitator that connects discerning clients to the provider and or broker with the knowledge of local business customs and rules combined with a global reach is vital.

MFG is the culmination of several senior banking professionals with over 150 years collective experience in banking and finance and more so trade credit services. At MFG we make it a point to know our client requirements in complete detail so that we can provide the right guidance and advice to help them attain their goals. Our dynamism and adaptability to suit local and client specific needs, is a major advantage enabling clients achieve their objectives in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.  We combine our knowledge base with opinions and guidance from local trade experts in the major trading centres of the world to ensure that our clients transactions are effortlessly and effectively managed providing the clients the best possible opportunities to grow.


MFG is a Financial Company offering specialised services including but not limited to facilitating and or consulting in trade finance, international project financing and swift financial messaging to a global network of clients spanning across the world. MFG is able to quickly understand its client’s needs and use its long standing reputation, credibility, and financial strength to facilitate and consult to underwrite or broker solutions for its clients from organizations globally. Put simply it is able to deliver for the client.


MFG handle transactions wherein it facilitates or consults in areas which require for using appropriate Financial Instruments such as – Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs)/ Bank Guarantees (BG’s), Letters of Credit (LCs), Proofs of Fund (POFs), Fund Transfer Instruments etc. These are issued or brokered for discerning clients that may have the use for such instruments for their needs by banks and financial institutions These Instruments are issued by Banks and Financial Institutions globally and MFG uses its balance sheet and contacts to confirm and stand as a guarantor in the middle to make these transactions come to fruition. These are a demonstration to the receiver/seller that the issuer/buyer has the capacity to pay for the transaction/ deal/goods, which is usually done at the time of the issuer/buyer’s obligation to pay/on the respective dates of payment commitments/ receipt of goods, etc. There is no doubt that while this sounds easy, this is done with a detailed due diligence by MFG on all sides and also by the providing Institutions which are namely banks and financial institutions globally.


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