Merchant Finance and Guarantee Corporation (MFG), is incorporated under the laws of Delaware, USA. MFG is a boutique consultancy company cum financial services enterprise and offers its products and services to only corporates and professionals and not to retail persons. MFG is primarily engaged in the consultancy and facilitation of trade-based solutions for businesses, corporates and professionals seeking to avail of assistance in trade finance solutions for their business and credit enhancement needs and requirements. We do not deal in the retail segment and our minimum business size for every client and every transaction is a minimum of USD 500,000.00 or equivalent.

MFG does not accept or manage money or investments for clients in any shape way or form nor advise or perform any type of advisory services for or on behalf of clients. This is a pure consultancy and facilitation service for obtaining trade based credit enhancement instruments for clients in the global trade and import/export arena.

No information on this website should be construed as a solicitation, offer, recommendation, and representation of suitability or endorsement of any security, investment or strategy or for that matter any type of financial product.