Financial Company MFG

Merchant Finance and Guarantee Corporation (MFG) is a Financial Company that has been in business since 2000 handling various Financial Services including but not limited to Trade Finance. Our services entail provision of assistance to bonafide clients and companies for the facilitation of trade and trade-based business. In today’s environment, discerning clients are required to establish suitable connections with their buyers and or suppliers in various parts of the globe. Be it for trade or buying and selling or merely just commission based indenting. These matters requires esoteric handling which need to be dealt with deftly be it to get a client report or Banker’s report or business profile report at the very initial stages and in the later stages assisting with help with various bankers and traders to establish trade credit lines.

Today the company with its principles and its team of business professionals with varied experience in Banking and Financial Services, trade credit, and bureau reporting have embarked on a boutique consulting activity that specializes in the provision of Capital for Businesses, Trade and Financial facilitation which include but is not limited to import/export transactions that mostly involve supporting Credit facilities, financial assurances, issuing or broking in financial instruments to back up payment commitments, obligations, and Purchase of Goods, most commonly of International Nature by Banks and Financial Institutions globally. MFG operates in a consultative capacity to bring the client within easy access of banking facilities and all the necessary paperwork and red tape that goes along with the entire process.

With the rapidly developing trade base in the import and export industry, project finance, and trade import and export, finance is playing a huge role in how countries are doing business with each other. The roles of financial institutions are to provide security when business is being done across country borders. Whether you need a tender guarantee to bid on a construction project or a confirmed letter of credit to buy goods from China and import them into Australia, MFG has the ability to arrange for the facilitation of such issuance for all these different types of commercial letters of credit and financial and or performance guarantees.

MFG has experts on the ground in various parts of the world that represent various areas of business, heavy infrastructure and service industry and are able to guide clients in the right direction to attain their specific project goals. Today with its global presence in US, NZ, UK, Thailand and India and correspondents in Europe, MFG has unique link ups with Banking and finance institutions all over the world with superior connections for the issuances of just about any kind of commercially acceptable swift transmitted trade credits as the case may be.

Through honest and reliable business practices to build its good reputation, we have obtained worldwide acceptability. We can help businesses create new opportunities and revenue streams all around the world.